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Ohio Family Rights

We are posing a question a question that has rolled around for a while, it is a simple question, yet it goes unanswered.


Why do so many organization say they want “share parenting” when every state has “shared parenting”? New York was the last state to get a shred parenting law about three years ago. Is it because these organizations want you to believe that they are doing something about the problems of how we treat parents in custody situations or is it because they just want to suck you in with a feel good phrase?


Maybe is it that they just want to get you to keep the donations coming to them so they can just continue to talk about the “problem”? Or is it that they don’t really understand the problem with the laws that are currently on the books?


Ohio Family Rights does not use the term shared parenting in anyway.  We only believe in equal custody for all fit parents.  We only believe that it is the responsibility of the parents to decide how they family should be run after the parents end their personal relationship, not a third party “judge” that does not know or understand the dynamics of your family unit.

The only way to solve the problem is to stop talking and to do something about the problem and our track record shows that we have done some about it in the past and will continue to do something about it in the future until every state has a true equal custody law on the books and in effect.


The days of raising awareness have long past. As a nation we have been talking about this “problem” for close to twenty years. There is no need for more talk or awareness.


At present time, there are four proposed bills for equal custody that have commitments for introduction with the beginning of the next legislative sessions. All four have been written by us for other organizations that think the way we do and want to work to comprehensively solve the problem. Those four are only the beginning as there are more in the works at this time.


I want to you think about this, South Dakota passed a “presumption” of shared parenting bill this year. Shortly after it was passed they admitted that it will not solve the many problems they have in their law. What that really means is they did not solve the problem at all, they just perpetuated it. Is that what you want? It certainly is not an approach that has solved anything.


We have had our successes in the past, not all have been in the area that we all call the “Holy Grail”, but they have been successes. Not all have been publicly acknowledged which is fine also because we know what we did and we know that the results were right but Ohio and American families. We have learned and learned well from every success and from every failure and we know more know that we did yesterday and we will know more as we move forward.  While others are still working failed and tired methods and messages, we have refined and moved ours in a direction that is unique. That is what learning for experience is about.


So think about what I have said and ask yourself if you want to keep financially supporting failure or do you want to support an organization that is refining and building the case that will change family law as we know it.


We have a goal to raised $20,000 by the first of the year. These funds will be used to support the bills that we have written and the others we are working on now.


Among our leadership is:

Ray R. Lautenschlager – Ray is a founding member and has now taken on the additional duties of being our Nation Legislative Director. Ray’s journey in these efforts started on the equal custody legislation that was introduced by Rep. Ron Young in 2003. Ray has seen the good and bad of the system having started out with equal legal and physical custody of his son thru multiple custody battles. Never shy about challenging the system and willing to stand up himself and others, he has even challenged a judge to give him a legal definition of Best Interests of the Child that the judge admitted he could not do and admitting that Ray knew the law better than he did.

Ray is the author of all four equal custody bills that have been introduced in Ohio, HB232,  HB686, SB144 and HB253 which are the most comprehensive reforms ever introduced by any state in the nation. Passage of this legislation would have capped a long list of accomplishments that which include the first equal custody legislation ever introduced in the nation. While those bills failed, he has taken a vow to assure that these reforms are passed in the near future, not only in Ohio, but other states. Those bills have been written and are ready for introduction.


Working and taking Ohio Family Rights to the national level, he has worked with numerous groups to push for equal custody legislation within their states.  With recent developments in the killing of their lasted poorly written custody bill he was now written a ballot initiative for them that will come before the voters of that state.

Ray continues to fight for the equal rights of all fit parents despite the fact that his son is now emancipated. He knows that he has to stay involved to protect the rights of his son in the future. He continues to press legislators to change the law and is in constant communications with both sides of the house on this issue in Ohio and other states.   

Ray is the comprehensive legislation wizard for us. He has the ability to break down a state law and find all flaws that prevent parents from getting equal legal and physical custody from the start. His work has now branched out our efforts into multiple other states and it looking forward to the next bill introduction that is expected after the first of the year.  His words, research and approaches are the ones that have shaped the organization into one of the national leaders in the efforts to assure that families have control over their own family in the future. What he has found is that the way we treat parents in divorces in regards to custody has cost society and the states billions of dollars per year.  That is failed public policy that must change if we are to survive as a vibrant nation.


Don’t bet that these are the only areas of family law that Ray has been involved in. There have been over 25 pieces of legislation that have been influenced over the years and a total of 4 child support bills stopped in Ohio alone. That does not include the bills that have been stopped in other states that would have damaged everyone nationwide.

Roz McAllister is an activist and advocate for families and heads our Children’s Services Division.  She was a founding member and now president of Ohio Family Rights.  She is also on the board of directors for American Family Rights.  She has served as Republican Ward 12 Leader, and held the first ward meeting since George Voinovich was mayor.


Ms. McAllister is a nationally recognized expert on the working of Children's Services and the funding stream from Washington, DC, through the State of Ohio and to our local agencies.  She has advocated for families for 15 years.


Ms. McAllister was involved with the Issue 5 reform committee for the change to our county government.  Also, she was one of the 32 people who called for County Auditor Russo to open the books and procedures of his office to seek out and stop the corruption in that office.

As a 20 year resident of the Slavic Village area, she has seen, first hand, the decline of the area. 


Abandoned houses and business are now the norm.  Since Roz found this "unacceptable", she ran for the Ohio State House.  Since she took on city hall by sitting over a pothole on Broadway on March 16, 2011, she has been asked by neighbors and strangers alike to run for Cleveland City Council.  As a member of The Imperial Women, she has advocated for an improved system for finding missing persons. She worked to save St. Alexis and then St. Michael Hospitals.  While working with the late, great Councilwoman, Fannie Lewis, Roz learned what good council people do for the people of the ward.  Ms. McAllister wants to be that kind of council member for Ward 12.


Roz McAllister is the mother of 2 grown children, and the grandmother of 4.  When asked about her education, she likes to say, "I have a Ph.D. from the University of Life, School of Hard Knocks".  She is a trained paralegal and has real estate appraisal training.  Currently, she is self employed as a sub contractor in the mortgage recovery business.  Roz believes that her 20 years in customer service and banking has taught her to use common sense logic when faced with a difficult situation. If you look beyond the normal lines, she believes that you can find the answer to the problems we face without "breaking the bank". 

William Andrew Davison - William is one of the newest members of Ohio Family Rights.  His knowledge and understanding of the "system" has made him a valuable asset to our members.  A single father of two children he has been thru the Domestic Relations Court System twice and both times emerged with Equal Legal and Physical Custody of his children. He is also an Ordained Minister. 


William has worked in the entertainment field for 20+ years as a DJ, Singer, Songwriter and Promoter, he also has experience as a professional athlete including minor league baseball and auto racing.  His educational background is a Masters in Education (University of Cincinnati & The Ohio State University) 

As a part time job William was a teacher in Cincinnati for two years.


One of the biggest things William brings to the team is his persistence and drive to make sure that OUR children are protected and that the courts do not overlook anything that is pertinent to the TRUE best interest of the child.  His out of the box mentality has proven vital not only in his own case but several others all over the country.   

As you can clearly see we started with an impressive team of fighters; fathers who have been on the cutting edge of this movement for years. These men have more often than not been working quietly in the background with little recognition for their efforts. They are not alone and have input from others throughout the country.  The one thing that has remain constant has been their unwavering desire to get the laws changed and go home to be with their families and live in peace and quiet.


How is this going to be achieved with in a reasonable amount of time?  Our goal is a simple but one that has proven affective in all of our efforts so far. Join as many together under one voice and under one National Banner.


This does not mean that individual group should or are expected to lose their respective identities. That is not our goal. Our goal is to make available the combined voices and knowledge of every group, mothers, fathers, grandparents and children into a single organization where they can join with a unified voice in speaking to the legislators in every state of the nation. Our goal is to make each group known to everyone out there that is seeking help. Our goal is to share with you the information that we have so that you are not re-inventing the wheel out of the box.


In the near future, we will be accepting applications for individual chapters in areas that we do not presently cover. That will be a simple application and a simple process once chapters are approved for addition. Watch the site for more information as it becomes available.


If you are a group that is presently in existence, add your information to our advocates map so that anyone that visits our site can see whom to contact in their area. You just may help someone that is lost in the shuffle of the family court nightmare that will be able to pay that forward for some one else some day. The only thing we ask is that you return the favor by putting a link and a OFR banner of your site. A page with be added to our site shortly where banners of all sizes can be down loaded for use.


So often we get a call or an email from someone that is telling us about finding something that we have known about for years. That is why we have one of the larger collections of information available on the internet and that collection is growing daily. The PACE site was a simple site when Ray took over ten years a go and it has grown to one of the larger sites on the internet with a total of nearly 500 pages of information and more coming as fast as his fingers can add it.


What is it going to take to make this work – the nasty “M” word- MONEY!  With litigation that is presently being funded by individuals that have sacrificed everything to try to help all, we hope you will stepping up to help fund their work. The costs of printing and filing fees can bleed a person to death. We funded much of our work privately but please help us to continue. We have a Chip-in on our front page to show our progress in funding our current court battles.


So why not join us in our efforts to make this work for all fit mothers, fathers, grandparents and children? We must work together so that they may have the justice that they deserve and we together will put an end to the curent social engineering of the family court system that has failed greatly.